July 25, 2017


Customer satisfaction is the prime objective for us. This is why we provide long-term warranty for all your solar power needs. Once you install your solar power system, you can sit back and watch it perform optimally year after year.
All warranty for solar products come directly from the manufacturer and in case of any malfunction,Ajagri Solar makes sure you get your warranty to cover you up if you are within the warranty period.

  • Inverter Manufacturers’ Warranty ranges from 5 – 10 Years with optional extended warranty available.
  • Solar Panels normally come with a 10 – 12 Years Product Warranty & 25 – 30 Years Performance Warranty.
  • Battery Warranty ranges from 18 Months to 10 Years with optional extended warranty available.
  • Our Installation/Workmanship Warranty ranges from 1 Year to 10 Years.


With the long lasting warranty of solar products, we ensure our customers get the most out of their solar power system.