August 7, 2017

Benefits of Solar


While solar technology has been present for over the last decade, it has only become an economically viable option in the last 5 years. Whether it is a single family home, an apartment building, or a business facility, everyone can access solar power. It enables you to have huge energy savings and also has the least environmental impact possible. The key benefits of using solar power are:


Generating your own solar energy allows you a high level of independence from traditional power sources. Solar power taps into heat power of sunlight, giving you access to a virtually limitless and renewable power source.

Cost Savings

Solar power reduces your usage of on-grid power and dependence of fossil-fuel-consuming portable power generators, resulting in significantly reduced power bills. The average household utilizes 17kWh and a 3kW system could reduce your power bill by 60-65%.


73% of the Australia’s electricity is produced by burning coal. By lowering your usage of this electricity, you reduce the environmental impact your home or business creates. The environmental impact of solar panels is almost negligible. Zero emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2, SO2 and NO2 from solar power systems prevents damage to the environment and reduces your carbon footprint.

Permanent Energy Solution

A one-time installation of solar panels ensures you have a lifetime supply of solar power for all your energy needs. Once installed, you now have access to an efficient, eco-friendly, and cost effective energy that can be accessed anytime during the day due to the advancement of battery technology.

Tax benefits for business owners

Business owners stand to benefit the most from solar panel installations for their energy needs as they can save a huge amount on energy bills by switching to solar power. Small businesses with an annual turnover of under $2 million could claim immediate tax deductions on all purchases up to $20,000 up until June 30, 2017; rather than those deductions needing to be spread over several years. Solar power also entitles business owners to feed-in tariffs for the excess energy generated by their system that is supplied to the grid. Since businesses have large energy consumption, the savings from utilizing solar power for their energy needs are also significantly higher.